Commercial & Residential Roofing

We are fully committed to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. We have skilled professionals on board who know the complete process of successfully carrying out all roofing tasks. Our team has a common goal to strive for perfection on every project. We only use the best, industry-recommended products for your roofing that can last for years to come.

Commercial & Residential Roof Installations

No job is too big or too small for our team to handle. Not sure where to being? We can help!

The process starts with comprehending your needs, budget, and property conditions. Our team of experts will evaluate the current state of your roof, and provide recommendations based on their years of experience. If you are looking for a qualified team of roofers to help you with your roofing needs, request a quote, or call us right away.

New Construction

Our teams specialize in new construction roofing and relentlessly endeavor to establish long-lasting business relationships with clients by modifying their services to meet their needs. We strive to bring stability to an unstable market by completing each project undertaken timely and within budget.

Choose our professional team for your next new construction roofing project!

Leak Detection

We use cutting-edge technology to identify the source of the leaks in your roof. By detecting leaks now, you can prevent further damage in the future, saving you money and the headache of a complete roof replacement.

Contact us today to detect your roofing problem areas.

Roof Replacement

We provide low and high sloped commercial and residential roof replacement. Our roof replacement services involve a wide range of shingle types and roofing systems, utilizing only the top manufacturer’s products according to your specifications and requirements. We offer a full material warranty and labor installation guarantee.

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Roof Inspection

There are many issues, such as lack of maintenance, wear and tear, advanced deterioration, and hail or wind damage that affect the lifespan and maintenance of a roofing system. At Legacy Roofing USA, our team visits the space for a proper and thorough inspection to understand the nature of the work and requirements of the task.

We offer a free evaluation to create the exact condition of your roofing system as you desire. Our roofing knowledge and expertise enable us to provide you with the most cost-effective and suitable methods of repair.

If you have damaged fixtures, missing shingles, or interior leaking, give us a call today.

Roof Repair & Maintenance

Instead of delaying a roof repair for higher repair bills in the future, get it done right away.

We provide fast and cost-effective roof repair and maintenance for your roofing system. We can easily recognize the problematic area causing your roofing system to leak and instantly offer solutions to prevent further damage to your property. Our repair and maintenance programs are tailored as per your needs and budget. We work closely with clients to devise the best program performed by our team of highly qualified, skilled, and trained individuals.

If you’ve noticed moisture, ceiling spots, or drips, reach out to us today for quick service. We will provide you with top-of-the-line replacement and maintenance roofing services.

Built-up Roofing (BUR)

Built-up Roofing (BUR) is one of the oldest and most reliable commercial roofing systems, most commonly utilized on low-slope roofs. It is comprised of multiple plies of roof felts laminated together with bitumen (asphalt) and is completed with an aggregate top layer of stone or gravel. Due to its continuous sealed surface, BUR is typically preferred for flat roof structures or low-slope. It also provides excellent waterproofing and ultra-violet protection. This type of roofing is generally low-maintenance and therefore costs little to maintain over its life.

Single Ply System

Single-ply roofing is classified as flexible sheets of compounded plastic-derived material that is used to cover and protect flat and low-sloped buildings. These flexible sheets have grown in popularity due to their high resistance to a wide range of chemicals and environmental threats. Properly installed, single-ply roofing systems offer an inherent advantage over other materials due to their strength, efficiency, and flexibility.

Many business owners, architects, and roofing contractors opt for the single-ply system for a longer lifespan and to drive down energy costs. Several SPS sheets furnished from the factory with a highly-reflective “cool roof” surface enable it to be part of the energy-efficient building envelope system. It reflects rays of the sun and diminishes building cooling costs.

Modified Bitumen Roofing

Modified Bitumen Roofing is a particular type of membrane roofing system similar to a built-up roof (BUR) system and has applications for flat roof and low-slope commercial buildings. It is asphalt-based and is an excellent option for strength, dimensional stability, and puncture resistance. It is highly dependable and holds a strong track record of durability when properly maintained. It has increased resistance to brittleness at cold temperatures and greater flow resistance at high temperatures.

Various surfacing options are available for this system, including a factory applied mineral surface, gravel surface, including “cool roof” coatings, which are greatly reflective to save on building cooling costs.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is a premium roof with an excellent record tracking down centuries. It is a great alternative to PVC, shingles, clay, and asphalt roofing tiles. Metal roofing is much more durable with unparalleled strength and fire resistance and also lasts longer and weighs lesser than other materials. It absorbs the sun, keeping in heat and cutting down the cost of energy. This type of roofing is also easier to install and easier for rain and snow to glide off the rooftop instead of causing damage.


Shingles are the most common roofing application type due to its cost, variety, and robustness. They offer the most cost-effective solutions in exceptional quality. Widely used in steep-slope roofing applications, asphalt shingles are common for their durability, appearance, and affordability, and are available in a variety of styles and colors. Shingles require regular repairs and replacements; therefore, it is essential to get them inspected regularly to avoid any costly damages later on.

Slate Roofing

Natural quarried slate is a serviceable and waterproof roof covering. They are made of natural stones and are simple and beautiful roofing systems available in a variety of colors and textures. Slates enable designers to modify each installation virtually. Depending on the quality of the stone, they may last hundreds of years.

Commercial Roofing Insulation

Roof insulation offers a suitable substrate for the roof covering. But now building owners require high-performance insulation under their roof membrane to control the increasing cost of cooling and heating their space. Taylormade Roofing and Construction can furnish roof insulation to fulfill even the most complex and demanding specifications.

Commercial Roofing Accessories

At Legacy Roofing & Construction, we take pride in supporting your commercial roofing material requirements, and the unique needs of specification roofing. We have extensive knowledge in roofing system requirements, warranty requirements, and consider building code and generally accepted practices for all roofing projects we undertake.


We understand that making any modifications to your property involves a noteworthy investment of money and time. That’s why you should get the job done perfectly. Guttering ensures that water can be directed away from your property safely, and to the benefit of your drainage.

You can rely on our experienced team to carry out all tasks without any errors. We ensure that when the project is completed, you’ll have a more valuable space and maintain a peace of mind that your property has safeguards for protection.

Seamless Gutters

We introduce you to a seamless rain-carrying system to protect your property. We specialize in providing you quality and seamless gutter services to avert the risk of leaking. Our custom-made, seamless gutters for your property are installed in one piece, eliminating water leakage, decreasing maintenance, and boosting your property’s value.

We believe that your gutters need to stay in place to perform their jobs properly. We use strong and durable brackets to uphold the continually evolving and often harsh weather. Once the brackets are installed, the gutters are screwed directly to the fascia board or rafters, ensuring the gutter remains secured even during the severe weather.

Choose us, and we’ll help you invest in your property with new gutters.


Our team at Legacy Roofing & Construction can assist you in selecting the right window design and color to match your property’s exterior. Whether you’re looking for something simple or something more show-stopping, our modish replacement windows guarantee to improve your curb appeal.

Our windows are available in many sizes, looks, and styles. We have experts on board to help you decide and guide you through the process.

uPVC and Aluminum Windows

uPVC Aluminum windows offer a variety of modern designs that can be fully customized and are available in sophisticated finishes. They are ideal for property enhancements with optimum security and thermal performance.

Suitable for shopping centers to offices to restaurants, aluminum windows are currently the window of choice with reduced and slim frame size, and spacious for maximum glass coverage. Our windows are a luxurious option for space improvement, are easy to install, and guarantee longevity while maintaining their functionality.

Sliding Windows

We specialize in sliding windows installation that is economical and space-efficient. They are widely chosen among building owners due to their comfortable usage, ease of operation, and fashionable development.

Our sliding windows are the solution for fantastic views with fresh air. They open smooth, have easy to maintain tracks, and are cleaned easily. They acquire an expansive glass area, top-to-bottom ventilation, modern design, and space-saving solution. Sliding windows enhance the room’s appearance and ventilation and are an excellent choice for rooms facing walkways, decks, patios, landscaping, and porches.

Vinyl Windows

Legacy Roofing & Construction is a trusted company with trained employees offering perfect installation of vinyl windows. We offer a fine window line, including vinyl windows that are an excellent choice for avoiding future maintenance. They protect your property for years without rusting, fading, or rotting.

Wood Windows

Count on our outstanding line of wood windows to last you a lifetime! Each wood window frame we offer is a dual-cladded for prevention of rotting. Moreover, our wood interiors can be painted or stained according to your requirements to match any interior.

Make a wise investment and choose us for your windows!


Siding protects the building’s structure and interior from harsh elements and prevents it from damaging outside forces, like rain and snow. Siding consists of two critical functions, design and protection. That’s why it’s worth investing in. If your siding is not up to the mark, you may consider an upgrade.

Vinyl Sliding

A versatile option, vinyl siding, is known for its durability, affordability, easy maintenance, prevention of mold and mildew, and for its variety in styles and colors. It is one of the most reliable and trusted siding solutions.

If you are looking for vinyl siding, you’ve come to the right place. It has an initial lower installation price and has been transforming properties for years.

Fiber Cement Siding

It gives a traditional yet timeless look that is strong and sleek. Fiber cement siding comes in many different styles and colors that are unmatched. At Legacy Roofing & Construction, our team works closely with every client to ensure they get the material and style as per their requirements.

The beauty and durability of our fiber cement siding in a range of options are precisely what you are looking for! We work carefully to ensure complete client satisfaction with the outcome.

Composite Siding

We ensure the utmost quality yielding the most advanced composite siding. Our composite siding is manufactured with materials guaranteeing a durable, secure, and safe cellular PVC. Our composite siding is maintenance-free, lightweight for easy installation, and withstands all harsh weather elements. Moreover, planks do not bend or bow and are resistant to breaking, rotting, fading, and wood-boring insects.

Storms occur with barely any warning and can be devastating, requiring instant action. In the case of such catastrophic situations, you need a company with storm damage knowledge and experience to ease the condition immediately. Your safety is always our priority. We have the expertise and resources to handle any disaster and emergency.

Storm-inflicted disasters can cause extreme property damage. Our team is made of restoration professionals, ensuring that the repairs are done according to the standards. We believe that immediate damage assessment lowers the risk of additional damage. We take prompt actions to serve you and get your lives back to normal as soon as possible.